Rachel McMillan
Christy McQueeney
Corporate Landing Middle School

Talked about benefits of data-driven decision making

Data Sources
  • SOL tests
  • local assessments
  • Site-based assessments
    • collaboratively prepared unit tests
    • Gates-MacGinitie Tests
    • One minute fluency test
    • Fast Fact Quizzes
    • Discipline data

Data Profile
  • Pulls data from numerous sources
    • Sasi--demographics, master schedule, previous grades, retention, advanced classess, remediation
    • IEP Online
    • SOL/standardized testing
    • Data downloaded into Excel

Results of data Analysis
  • Administrators
    • Use use data to develop master schedule
    • identify students for advanced and at-risk classes
    • establish tutoring program
    • Develop Algrebra Readiness Program
    • Identify instructional and professional development focus
Collaboration--each curriculum area works as team to identify strengths and weaknesses--meet two times a week to analyze data and develop plans and tests

Core Plus--extra block in the schedule
  • 40 minutes of remediation/enrichment each day
  • student-droven instruction based on individual nees
  • may include
    • stations
    • development of student-created product
    • web-based tutorial program--Skills Tutor (vendor talked about Skills Tutor)
      • all middle schools in VB have 15 of the 25 available modules