Tomorrow Is Here!
Joh Grover & Todd Wellman-APPLE

Mac OS X Leopard in Education

Review of new features:
  1. Leopard's new Spaces feature is a quick and convenient way to organize files and applications for instant, clutter-free access. It's easy for students to tab through their Spaces to see every project they are working on. They can move applications from one space to another, rearrange them with drag-and-drop simplicity, and get a birds-eye view of all of their Spaces.
  2. Screen sharing in iChat lets educators and students, with proper authorization and security, remotely observe and control the display of another computer - from across the room or across the globe. Screen sharing provides a convenient built in tool for help-desk staff who will be able to assist teachers or students by sharing their screens. When a screen-sharing session is initiated, an audio/video chat is automatically started making it easy to communicate while a Mac is being shared. Student groups can easily create websites, reports, or presentations together, opening a whole new world of collaborative possibilities.
  3. The Time Machine feature in Leopard automates backup, and makes retrieval easy. With Time Machine educators and students can go back in time, find what they need, then restore everything with a single click.
  4. iChat Theater videoconferencing - Teachers can give a full Keynote presentation, accompanied by a live video feed of them making the delivery, all from a full-screen virtual presentation room. iChat Theater presentations can be saved to make quick and easy podcasts. Educators can invite experts into the class with valuable presentations and interactivity and students can share their work with other students across district or across the globe.
  5. The new Dashboard in Leopard lets educators and students create personal widgets. Widgets perform common tasks and give students fast access to information on the web. The Web Clip feature lets the user clip out any portion of a web page and turn it into a Dashboard widget. A widget is always live, and it will update whenever the originating website refreshes its content.
  6. New features in Leopard let students and educators do more with their mail. They can send email messages complete with photos and graphics with over 30 professionally designed stationary templates. With team or school-themed emails and communications, educators can add professional-looking design to parent communications. The new Notes feature is perfect for taking down class notes and capturing class collaboration. And educators can create to-do items directly from email messages. Mail also works with iCal, so to-dos created and modified in Mail appear automatically in iCal and vice versa. Mail makes creating and organizing to-dos from email and notes effortless, so educators can focus on completing their to-dos rather than managing them.